Welcome to Harakcoope [Hara-coope] , a land of Hoerns and Hyaeiwws [Haaws] and Dou Dou Heads and Nethohinghs [Nothings] and Dyroryyakks [Daro-wacks] and Dou Dous and Venusniceous.A place where nobody can go,without training, except HPYE. Alas it may be beautiful. The creatures that lurk can be good :-) or alas bad :-(.




Harakcoope is a planet in the distant Redstar Galaxy. It has only one mass of land -- Haria. [Map]

Demonym: Harakcoopian (for the entire planet) or Harian (for just the continent). On Haria, the humans and intelligent life forms that live there usually refer to themselves as Harian. To say you are Harakcoopian sounds more old-fashioned. (Learn more about Harian/Harakcoopian >here< )


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 Short Explanation:

Long, long ago, a magical owl names Phynyx [Fee-niks] was all alone in a vast empty space. He was alone, so he created a empty planet which he named Harakcoope [Hara-koop]. He filled it with jungle on the west side, vast mountains and forests on the east side, deserts and open prairie in the south and great open plains in the north and middle. Then, he created the creatures. First, he created the Hyaeiwws [Haaws] and their baby Hoerns [Horns], along with the Nethohinghs. They roamed the east side of Haria, the name of the island on Harakcoope. Then he created the humanoid Doudouheads, and their baby Dyroryyakks [Da-ro-wacks]. Then he created the birds, plants and all other animals, along with the huge Sloons and Fyzoons. [Sloons and Fizoons]. After, he made the Elves, who eventually bred with the small group of Humans who found Harakcoupe to make the Majikos, who are like modern elves. Have fun exploring the wonders of Harakcoope's galaxy - the awesome Redstar Galaxy!


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